BASE Hydro

BASE Hydro


The new Hydro has arrived. When you receive the new Hydro you will notice some subtle differences.

  • We changed the packaging from plastic jars to mylar bags. We are trying to be Eco Friendly and this is one small step we are doing to reduce the footprint in our landfills
  • You will notice we were able to fix the clumping, so YAY for no more clumping
  • We were able to remove some of the graininess some of you tasted
  •  The 4 new flavors are here. 
    • Strawberry Kiwi
    • Watermelon
    • Cranberry / Raspberry
    • Peach mango

We had to raise the price by $3.00 to allow for the changes. We think you will be very very happy with the new additions. If you are not, just let us know and we will coordinate a return and your money back.


Athletes that aspire to excel use BASE Hydro to fuel better performance during training and competition. BASE Hydro combines three types of fast-acting and easily absorbed carbohydrates that maximize uptake and utilization while reducing gastrointestinal distress. BASE Hydro’s key electrolytes ensure proper absorption of water and reduce muscle cramps. Together, this combination provides the optimal hydration source during high-intensity and/or prolonged physical activities. You’ll stay hydrated and fueled, enabling you to push farther with maximum energy. Plus its great taste and 90 calories per serving will keep you coming back for more.


Dissolve two scoops of BASE Hydro in 20-24 ounces of water. Take one serving per hour of exercise. For best results and the most efficient recovery, combine one serving of BASE Hydro with one scoop of BASE Amino and one serving of BASE Electrolyte Salt per hour of exercise. We call this RocketFuel.


Dextrose is a form of glucose, which is the body’s principle quick energy source. Glucose converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which stores and releases energy, most efficiently.

Maltodextrin is a chain of multiple glucose molecules, which provides an efficient and sustainable source of energy.

Fructose is a simple sugar that is quickly absorbed and utilized in the body. When ingested with glucose, it enhances the absorption of glucose in the gastrointestinal tract, not only increasing available energy, but reducing gastrointestinal distress.

Sodium Chloride is absorbed in the body and converted into sodium and chloride, two of the main electrolytes that enable the functioning of skeletal muscle, cardiac and brain cells. They also promote the optimal absorption of water.

Sodium Citrate is an alternative form of sodium that neutralizes acid and has been shown to augment performance in endurance athletes.

Potassium Citrate provides your body with potassium, another essential electrolyte, which prevents the muscle cramps that plague many athletes. Potassium is also vital for cardiac function.

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