Community Outreach

We are fortunate to be able to help our community through race day and financial support of triathlon and running events. A few highlights...

AmyAzing Youth Triathlon - In 2017, we celebrate our 4th season as a Gold Level Sponsor for the AmyAzing Youth Triathlon in Reston, VA. This incredible event, benefiting children’s cancer research, includes more than 500 triathletes from 6-14 years old.

Reston Kids Triathlon - This is our inaugural year supporting the Reston Kids Triathlon, sponsored by the YMCA of Reston. This race benefits the local community of children by providing childcare and athletic resources. 

Countdown to None 5K  - Supporting the research and dedication of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

In addition, we continue to support our local public schools and community organizations with race day and monetary donations.  

our team Sponsors

We are fortunate to have received incredible support from our community to provide valuable resources to our athletes from the start. We love working along side the talented and generous people at Bonzai Sports and Machine Aquatics to provide equipment and training for our team members.