Attire for Youth / Junior Team Members

In the next few days we will start to feel the winter temps moving into our area.  We have been spoilt by the warm weather and really have not had to think about how to dress for practices.  Over the next few months, the new norm will be winter !  Dress appropriately.  That means layers you can shed, hats and gloves, on days when the temp is in the 30's.  Run tights, windproof jackets etc.  We will avoid running / riding outside if it is too chilly.  Watch the newsletter each week but also watch emails as the weather can change between the time this is sent out and the weekend workouts.  


Everyone will need at run headlamp and a reflective step / vest for running after 5 pm.  You will always have an adult close by but bikers and other pedestrians will see us coming if we wear / accessorize correctly.  This will keep everyone safe. or Potomac River Running, Road Runner Sports has everything you need.  Email with any questions.  

Alison GalbraithComment